# 41 – Vanessa Carvalho (3 poems)

3 10 2013


– 1 –

little poem about the distance

(translated from the original in Spanish)

between us
our eyes  bear
the distance of galaxies

– 2 –

longing is what I’ve caught
in the dust
of memory.

– 3 –


my grandma doesn’t know that,
but by walking
from the bedroom
to the kitchen
to the bathroom
to the living room
to the terrace
to the yard
and then going to buy bread,
she doesn’t take me with her
but she brings
something that not even her
knows she has.

my grandma doesn’t know
but I am a tree
that grows inside the house.
just like those plants
that pop up from inside
the abandoned houses
and slip out through the slits
of the windows, doors and walls.
but grandma, our house is not
abandoned yet.
so what in the world was abandoned here?

my grandma doesn’t know
and even thinks I’ve lost my mind,
but when I take
pictures of her,
I stop and prolong
her time in the portrait.

I know that
my branches don’t embrace
and my leaves don’t kiss.

my grandma knows so many things,
but what she doesn’t know
is that finding poetry in the other
it’s also a way to loving.

and this, I have no clue
of when she will know.

Translated into English by Wagner Miranda

Original poems in Brazilian Portuguese plus more here:  http://filosofiasdequinta.blogspot.ie/




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