# 46 – Geruza Zelnys, 5 poems

2 06 2014



some days I feel like

a bonsai


two amputated meters

and a heart dragged

on the ground


not that I aimed to reach the clouds

I just refuse having my dreams

constantly trimmed



melomel red


my heart


its aborted




a lie


the mirror tells me a lie

I straighten my torso

I puff up my chest

fooled, I smile


and happily leave

for work




last chapter


six months later:


everything was

just like six months before



after 10


my life wakes up late

with messy hair

and pajamas on


it tells me it is tired of me

and then goes back to sleep


Translated by Wagner Miranda


Geruza’s blog (in Brazilian Portuguese): http://geruzazelnys.blogspot.com.br/



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